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China Crossing: Laos to Kyrgyzstan. Summer 2014. URGENT!    

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China Crossing: Laos to Kyrgyzstan. Summer 2014. URGENT!

Postby Boa3 » Mon 12. May 2014, 05:20


This is a repeat of the thread we started in German a couple of weeks ago, complete with updates on routing and pricing.
As Tibet is currently closed until the end of August, we need to take a slightly longer route. We will be leaving from Laos into China exiting to Kyrgyzstan and are URGENTLY looking for others to join us.

While we can leave in August, we would prefer to leave in July 2014. June would not be possible for a new group now as the permits processing takes too long.

Reminder that we can take the guide AND we can take an additional passenger, for anyone without a vehicle.

On our Tripline account we've got 3 new maps up there.
* WL1 takes around 30 days and covers the more "Nature area" and Tibet Culture, Monastery and Tibet villages:
WL1 - China crossing to Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan on Tripline

* WL2 takes about 23 days and is classed by the agent as the "Silk Road programme"
WL2 - China crossing to Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan on Tripline

China3 is simply a third suggestion we have had, also taking 30 days:
China 3 on Tripline

All the routes are still changeable and we would try to shorten a little by omitting a couple of places & stays en route.

Price range (does not include hotels (although we will try to camp where possible) or fuel):
6640 USD per group with 2 vehicles on the 23 day programme
7690 USD per group with 2 vehicles on the 30 day WL1 programme
to 9000 USD per group with 2 vehicles on China3 (!)
Additional vehicles seem to cost around 900 USD to the group price.

[COLOR="Magenta"]Time is running really short so we need to hurry in signing up![/COLOR]
Is there anyone at all who would like to join / has any questions etc?
We'd really like to continue the trip and not ship home!

Hope to hear from you soon!
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