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LC BJ73 with broken VM engine..    

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LC BJ73 with broken VM engine..

Postby LC_BJ73_1989 » Fri 31. May 2013, 16:23


I have a broken VM engine (probably cylinder head) LC BJ73 -1989 standing near Nurnberg, any suggestions on who to contact to help me replace the engine with a Toyota 3B or similiar engine? I am from Sweden and the car broke down on my way through Europe, sorry for not speaking german...!

I hope anyone can give me some help!

Cheers Mikael
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Re: LC BJ73 with broken VM engine..

Postby 12HT » Fri 31. May 2013, 16:39

Hello Mikael,
Allrad Keba is about 180km to Nürnberg
http://www.landcruiser24.de/index.php?o ... &Itemid=65
Tel: 0 71 35 / 96 48 00
He´s specialiced in Cruisers :-)

Cheers and good luck,
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Re: LC BJ73 with broken VM engine..

Postby FJ40 GARAGE » Fri 31. May 2013, 17:18

The closest one i know would be
http://toms-fahrzeugtechnik.eu/de/wir-u ... eg-zu-uns/
unfortunately most of them are at the http://www.abenteuer-allrad.de/ convention at the moment. :roll:

I send my phone number, via personal message (Persönlicher Bereich), to your Buschtaxi Account.
So you can call me if all else fails and nobody is available.
Send me yours too, that might make things easier.
Good Cruising, Peter

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