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Torque Converter Lockup and Gearbox Remap    

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Torque Converter Lockup and Gearbox Remap

Postby Surfy » Tue 11. Aug 2020, 15:22

Hab in Australien wieder mal was entdeckt:

The highlights of the remap are:

Lower engagement speed for 6th gear: Now engages at around 92km/h in Drive, under light throttle.
Higher throttle before kicking down from 6>5 and 5>4: The map ramps, so (for example) It drops into 6th at 92km/h if you are at <20% throttle. By the time you reach 100km/h, it needs ~50% throttle before it kicks back to 5th.
Smoother gear changes: The remap applies torque reduction during gear changes. This makes a huge difference to gearshift quality, particularly when the lockup kit is active.
Multiple maps: The remap has different settings for 'Drive', Drive+PWR', 'S' and 'S+PWR'.
Allowing 5th and 6th gear to operate in low range: I didn't go with this option, but it's available if you want it, so you're no longer limited to 4th in low range.
Elimination of MIL light: The remap extends the parameters required to generate the P2757 fault code, and stops the malfunction light sequence from appearing (although it still logs any fault code internally). The fault light can be a side effect of the TC lockup kits. I got this code perhaps once or twice a year, but haven't had it at all since the remap.

https://www.project200.com.au/torque-co ... kup/#remap

Gefunden @ lcool

Das ruft nach Olut zum beurteilen :bulb: Hoffe Du kuggst ab und an mal hier rein :biggrin:

Ob jetzt der 5/6 gang in 4Lo hilft (AHC bleibt vermutlich oben auch bei einem Speed > 50 km/h - würde es persönlich wohl nicht nutzen, die Geräuschkulisse in 4Lo ist ja schon eine andere...

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