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Toyota Rush ?    

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Toyota Rush ?

Postby Schmotzhand » Mon 6. Jan 2014, 17:22

Hello all,
in September we traveled to Bali and saw a Toyota Rush, we really liked it, so we started to investigate the web.
We found out that this car is not sold as Toyota in Germany, but as Daihatsu Terrios. Unfortunately, they also stopped selling new Daihatsu cars in Germany.

Now we are looking for a country where the Toyota Rush is sold as left hand drive?!
Any idea?

regards Schmotzi
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Re: Toyota Rush ?

Postby Lemming » Mon 6. Jan 2014, 17:44

Moin Schmotzi

The Terios is still available at some car dealers with only few kilometers and as a "Tageszulassung" (Germany/Switzerland) and Daihatsu is obliged by law to guarantee the spare part support for another 10 years When also sold as a Toyota in other countries you might get spare parts from them if cars are identical. (Taro-Hilux)

Would go for this option, you can still service the car in former Daihatsu Dealerships as they normally keep the documantaion for repairs etc.

Good luck.
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