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Co-Travellers for a trip across China & Tibet: Sep 2013    

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Co-Travellers for a trip across China & Tibet: Sep 2013

Postby Boa3 » Thu 30. May 2013, 08:08


I've just posted this on the German traveller board and spotted the English Forum as well, which I hadn't noticed before. Maybe we have more chance of finding travellers this way. If it just doubles the reading for everyone instead, my apologies!

From the end of September 2013 we (1 German & 2 Brits) will be crossing China and Tibet in our HZJ 78, accompanied by a French couple on their Africa Twin.
To share the costs and the experience we are looking for others to join in (or on!) their own vehicles.

Going from the Mongolian border, 2 weeks in China, 2 weeks in Tibet before crossing into Nepal.

We have an offer from a recommended agent in China but are still in a position to make changes.
We can send details if you are interested.

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