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HJ60 A440F Automatic overhaul where to get a AT clutch set    

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HJ60 A440F Automatic overhaul where to get a AT clutch set

Postby dirkthebirk » Sat 18. Mar 2023, 19:02

Hey Guys/ Hallo Leute,

my HJ60 Automatic / Year 1985 is not climbing hills anymore in a proper manner and we have opened the
A440F for the first time after 38 years and 360.000km ( 50% offroad ) In beautifuf Tanzania :-)

NOW, i need as soon as possible a A440F clutch rings SET ( when possible all clutches ) when not possible
i can let you know on monday ...what clutches exactly and how many i need....
( Gasket SET i Have ...but dont know where best and soon getting those clutches rings....and there are many inside

ANY IDEA so FAR ?????
GERMANY , EUROPE , USA is all fine for me...i will for sure find someone of our Tourist Guests travelling soon to Tanzania and be able to bring the clutches than to me..
my whats app: +255(0)688 902499

Dirk / Arusha / Tanzania :bulb:
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Re: HJ60 A440F Automatic overhaul where to get a AT clutch

Postby BJ Axel » Sun 19. Mar 2023, 11:05

Hi Dirk, my HJ60 Auto has just undergone a full overhaul of its A440F. The gearbox will be back tomorrow, as well as a fully overhauled 2H engine.

I sourced a full master overhaul kit including T/C from "Direct Transmission Parts" in the US:


Anyhow, in Europe Automatic Choice has an overhaul kit with number A440.MOHK01 as well.
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BJ Axel


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