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HSN und TSN code for insurance in Germany    

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HSN und TSN code for insurance in Germany

Postby Sranan » Thu 25. Nov 2021, 13:43

Buschtaxi family,

We couldn't part with our F76 in Kenya and decided to ship it to Germany. We're expecting challenges, e.g. emissions, but the first is that we need the HSN and TSN codes to buy insurance. Does anyone have experience finding these. There are several site with lookup tables but none with our specific model:

2017 Landcruiser 76 hardtop 4.2D

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Re: HSN und TSN code for insurance in Germany

Postby se7en6 » Sat 27. Nov 2021, 16:05

HSN usually is 7104 = Toyota.
TSN usually is 00000000 because most of them are imported and have no TSN.
If you register it as a truck (LKW) and not as a passenger car (PKW) you don't need HSN/TSN for insurance. Otherwise find the HSN/TSN from another Toyota with the same engine an roughly the same power which was sold officially from Toyota in the EU, i.e. a Land Cruiser 100, 150, 200 etc.
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