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Theft insurance Russia/Stans    

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Theft insurance Russia/Stans

Postby Otto das Nilpferd » Wed 5. May 2021, 21:38

If Covid allows we are planning to travel with our Troopy direction Mongolia via the Stans, maybe in August 2021. Since this is late in the year we are thinking of parking the car in Russia or Kasakhstan and continue next year. But I would like to insure the car if leaving it there. So I was wondering if anybody know an insurance company that can handle this. I am thinking third party liability, fire and theft. I used a German company in Marocco once, but that was only third party liability.
PS. Sorry for writing in English. I read German, but find writing difficult.

Regards, Otto at inditravel.org

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Otto das Nilpferd
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Re: Theft insurance Russia/Stans

Postby Cheldon » Wed 5. May 2021, 22:14

Hallo Otto,

According to our experience on our Central Asia trip, you have to take out car insurance for a few euros at the border. Due to the necessary costs, I cannot imagine a high level of insurance coverage. I didn't ask at all about fully comprehensive insurance. Your motor vehicle insurer may be able to make you an offer for the "Green Card" area. Our insurance only insured Russia.

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Re: Theft insurance Russia/Stans

Postby Traktorbek » Thu 13. Jan 2022, 16:30

Hi Otto!

I am not sure if you still plan. However, to my knowledge it was not possible to drive to Mongolia in 08/2021.

I lived in Kyrgyzstan for three years and I insured my car with Jubilee Insurance (office in Bishkek, Orion business center, Erkindik Blvd.). They speak English. You could contact them to find out, if they can help you. I had an insurance that covered four countries Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. I cannot remember, if they also covered theft.

office@jubileeinsurance.kg (my agent was Ms Asel Mambetova, aselm@jubileeinsurance.kg)

You can write me a PM, if you have any other questions regarding Central Asia.

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