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1HZ Engine hesitation    

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1HZ Engine hesitation

Postby misko903 » Fri 21. Mar 2014, 14:36

Hello there,

i have bought a HZJ78 year 2000. engine has a small engine problem - hesitation when revs are going up from idle to cca 2500 rpm (then growing normally again). when i disconnect the EGR regulation hose, it works like it should.

does it mean that there is a problem with EGR valve?
if yes, can it be dirty, or damaged?
does it helps in fuel consumption, or not at all?
should i blend it?

thank you,
miso - slovakia / germany (munich)
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Re: 1HZ Engine hesitation

Postby F250 » Thu 26. Feb 2015, 11:50

Hi Miso (or is that Misko?)

All of us in South Africa remove the EGR as we believe it is much better breathing and cleaner air for the engine!
My fuel consumption decreased by 2l/100km. You get a connector, intake and two gaskets from Toyota. Shout if you need the part numbers. Done this mod on both, the 1HDFTE and 1HZ. Make your own blank for the exhaust manifold side.

I am not sure if this is allowed in Europe! TÜV, ASU etc


Gruß Adolf
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Re: 1HZ Engine hesitation

Postby ClickeR » Mon 6. Apr 2015, 02:38

Please post the part numbers. I am having this exact problem with my 2000 HZJ74. Even if it doesn't fix the problem I like the idea of better fuel economy. Thanks.
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